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Woody’s Lunch Box & Toy Story Land

On our recent trip to Disney World we were so excited to visit Toy Story Land!  We were most looking forward to riding slinky dog and eating at Woody’s Lunch Box!  Today I just wanted to share my thoughts on our experience!



Starting with Woody’s Lunch Box.

So first I will start off with the bad and the reality of this quick service location.  Since it is still so new and popular there are nowhere near enough seats!  It will be full and there will always be a line.  We managed to get a table both times we ate here due to my fiancé, but just a warning it will be full.   There will also always be a line so definitely use mobile ordering when available. We looked around peak lunch time and it was not available, but looked back about 30 minutes later and it was.  So definitely take advantage and don’t wait in the long line.



On to the good part, the food!

We ordered the BBQ Brisket Melt with potato barrels and the totchos.  This came with a huge Blue Moon beer included with my quick service credit, which was needed on this hot and crowded day!  We both really enjoyed the brisket sandwich, but the stand out for us was the totchos!  My fiancé even went back another day, right before our dinner reservation somewhere else to get another serving of totchos!  We also tried the chocolate-hazelnut lunch box tart.  This was good, but was a lot of pastry vs filling and something I would not order again.  Definitely worth the try though!


Overall Woody’s Lunch box is our new go to quick service in Hollywood Studios!



We decided not to wait for Alien Swirling saucers this time around.  However the new line for Toy Story Mania we did wait in and it is a pretty cool new queue!  We waited 35 minutes, which honestly is short for Toy Story Mania!


As far as Slinky Dog it is one of my favorite new rides!  However we had a fast pass but it had been down for hours due to weather and we had to leave for a dining reservation.  So we went to guest services and they were able to change it for us to come back and ride the next day.  So just be aware that it was down a lot due to weather!  But this ride is definitely worth the wait or fast pass!


The overall atmosphere of Toy Story Land is awesome.  It was so so crowded though which is to be expected.  I can’t wait until it dies down a little, which I imagine will be when star wars opens, and you can take in all the details!


Have you been to Toy Story Land yet or tried Woody’s Lunch Box?  I would love to know your thoughts!



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