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Pop Century Refurbished Room

pop century

We just got back from a weeks stay at Pop Century. This was our first time staying here. Comparing this to the All Star resorts, which are most comparable in price, we were highly impressed with our new refurbished room.



We stayed in the 50’s section in building 2. This was one of the farthest buildings away from the main lobby, but because we were near a parking lot we were able to get our Ubers right outside our room, which was nice after long days of walking at the parks.



Since these new rooms are hard floors I requested the highest floor when checking in online. We got floor 3 out of 4 floors and we did not have any issues with noise above us.  In fact it was really quiet where our room was!



One big difference for us compared to the All Star resorts was these now have coffee makers, which we took advantage of every morning.



They have big new TVs which we greatly appreciated. Me for the Resort TV channel and my fiancé for football games 🙂



The room had a table where you could pull down a bed, but because we only needed one bed we kept the table portion and this gave us so much room. I think if you had to have the bed down the room would be quite small.



The beds are also queen size which was really nice! Also since we only needed one bed we got to use all 8 pillows which which made this bed so comfortable and I actually got very good nights sleep here considering I usually don’t sleep well in general!



On to the bathroom, which I also thought was a huge step up from the old ones! There was so much shelf and counter space for all of my things! I also really appreciated the magnifying mirror that comes attached to the wall!



The shower featured sliding glass doors which were a lot nicer than curtains, and also had 2 shower heads!



The shower also had the new bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel attached to the wall. I think this is a great idea, the only problem was that it wasn’t the easiest to pump them.


Overall we enjoyed our stay at Pop Century and really appreciated the updated rooms. It was a step above the all-stars in our books and is going to be our go to hotel for when we plan on being at the parks the whole time.


Have you stayed at Pop Century or stayed in a refurbished room?? I would love to know your favorite hotel to see where we should stay next!



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3 thoughts on “Pop Century Refurbished Room

      1. Thanks! I think I will too. We have to use both beds, so I know it’ll be tight, but we aren’t there much anyway. And we always have the option to fold the bed up, which wasn’t possible before.
        Hope your trip was great!

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