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Things I Eat Every Trip To Disney World!

Food is such a huge part of our Disney World trips! We love trying new snacks and restaurants each time we go, but if you are like me you find your favorites that you look forward to each trip! So today I am sharing things I eat every single trip!!

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This first one if probably on nobody’s list!! But when we wake up, especially our first morning I always look forward to going to our resort food court and having a bounty platter! There is nothing must have about this, but I think it is just sentimental because we have always done this since our first trip! I love having a bounty platter and getting excited about our day! We will either split one or have our own, but either way it’s our favorite way to start our Disney mornings!


We can’t go to Magic Kingdom without having a dole whip float! If you haven’t tried one yet you need to! It really hits the spot on a hot day in Magic Kingdom!


I can’t go a single trip without buying an M&M covered Mickey rice krispie! I usually save them and eat it back at the hotel at night, which is why this picture is in our hotel! This is a MUST have for me each trip! If I have left over snack credits these are coming home with me!

FullSizeRender 4 (1)

Another sweet treat that became a must have for me is this giant Mickey cookie! It is huge!! The size of my head! It actually tastes like cookie dough! These cookies are so good and became a must have for me last trip when I got one to eat during Happily Ever After!


Whenever we are in Animal Kingdom we always go to Pongu Pongu and get a Night Blossom! It is very sweet so we split one!  But we love to get one after riding flight of passage and then we sit and enjoy the view of the floating mountains!!


I can’t go a single trip without corn dog nuggets with cheese sauce from Casey’s Corner! These are just so so good! This place is always busy so make sure to try mobile ordering here!


In Epcot we always love eating at the Germany Pavilion. We love Sommerfest and always get the Bratwurst and Nudel Gratin! If you are there during food and wine we love getting the smaller version of this favorite from the Germany booth!

IMG_4255 (1)IMG_2129

Finally if you have read any of my blog posts you would know that we ALWAYS eat at Raglan Road the first night we arrive! This is our favorite table service restaurant we recommend to everyone! The food is good, the drinks are good, and there is an awesome show you get to enjoy while you eat! (I heard they are updating the show which we are so excited about!!) Check out my full post on this restaurant if you need more convincing on trying this restaurant out!


So those are a few things I love eating at Disney World every single trip! I would love to the things you look forward to eating every single trip!!

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6 thoughts on “Things I Eat Every Trip To Disney World!

  1. Ugh I loovvveeee the food in Disney World!! This is the first time I have ever heard of the M&M Rice Crispy though! It looks incredible l. I’m going back to Disney in September and will most definitely be trying that! The classic Mikey Bar ice cream is a must have for me. Or a must have at least 3 lol XX http://magicoftomorrow.info

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