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Blaze Pizza

This weekend we decided to head to our local Blaze pizza here in Houston. We never get a chance to eat at the one at Disney Springs because we ALWAYS have a reservation at our favorite restaurant when we are there, so we thought we would give it a try here in Houston. I know it is very popular and I have heard good things about the one in Disney Springs so my expectations were high!

blaze pizza review


To start with these garlic knots looked amazing but we did not get those because I knew I wanted dessert!



We both got classic red sauce, but my fiancé put some pesto on first, which he said tasted amazing! We saw at the end you can also add a pesto drizzle on the top of your pizza so we plan on doing that next time!



Blaze is kind of like a subway in which you go down the line and pick all your toppings. This is where our expectations were not met. We both felt the toppings were not as fresh and didn’t look as good as we expected. I ended up with a classic pepperoni pizza for this reason.



As far as the pizza itself goes, this was one of the best pizzas I have had. The crust was just how I like it, which is thin and crispy! It’s amazing how they cook it that fast! And for the price of $7.95 we felt this was a good deal for a personal pizza that is actually pretty big. We both ended up taking half of it home!



For dessert I tried the smores, which they heated up for me! The graham cracker part is more like a graham cookie. This was a really good dessert!



For drinks, I had saw on some Disney vlogs that Blaze had a blood orange lemonade that I was excited to try. However they only had different flavors of agua frescas, which my fiancé ended up loving the coconut. I ended up trying a craft rootbeer and it was really good too.



So overall we really liked the pizza in general and would go there again. We both assume the toppings and experience will be better quality in Disney Springs, because it’s so popular there and well because it’s Disney Springs!!


Have you tried Blaze in Disney Springs or in another city??



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