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Today I wanted to write a post on Disney World’s Memory Maker service. If you don’t know what this is, it is basically a photo package you can purchase. Disney World has Photopass photographers all around the park, as well as at select dining experiences and attractions. If you purchase Memory Maker you get access to all of these photos! I wanted to share some info as well as my thoughts and some tips on taking advantage of this service!

Mem maker

My top tip is to purchase this before your trip! You will save $30 by doing this, which is huge in terms of Disney! By advance, the website says 3 days! So I always make sure to purchase well in advance of our trip just to make sure I get all our photos. This makes the advance price $169, so if you purchase at the park and need it to start right away it will cost $199.


So how does memory maker work?

You will be able to tell who the photo pass photographers are because they will have a tan vest that says it! They will also have a huge camera and usually a little line waiting for the photo! Once they take the photos for you, they will scan your magic band. You will then, pretty quickly, be able to go to your my Disney experience app and see the photos! It is awesome! You then have 45 days to download all of your photos! Check out all the info on Disney’s website here!


Magic Shots

One of the best parts of memory maker is the magic shots! Sometimes a photographer will tell you to hold your hand out, and then you go to look at the photo and see a surprise! They are always coming out with awesome magic shots!



You can also add some awesome boarders within the My Disney experience app as well!


I definitely suggest getting memory maker if you are going to the Halloween or Christmas parties because they always add cool effects to your photos!



You also get to keep some awesome ride videos! Seven dwarfs mine train and Hollywood tower of terror are awesome videos to be able to keep! So after a ride be sure to go up and scan your magic band under where you see the photos to make sure you get the photos and videos!


Is it worth the cost?

If you ask us, absolutely! You only need to purchase one for your whole family. And to be able to have pictures of the both of us all the time on our trip without having to ask random people to take it is priceless to us! Some of our best pictures are from our Disney World trips! They are also really good quality photos! So make sure to take off the backpacks and sunglasses for some of these and maybe dress a little nicer one day if you want some nice pictures!


We were lucky enough to get some good engagement photos!



So yes, we think memory maker is worth the cost if you are doing a week long vacation or more. When we go for a couple days we never purchase this. But having endless access to good quality family pictures on vacation is worth this amount of money and more! So if you purchase this definitely take advantage and take all of the pictures you can!

What are your thoughts on memory maker? Do you purchase it every trip?


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5 thoughts on “Memory Maker

  1. Love your pictures! We always get Magic Maker! I also love that you can combine families on one. We linked my family onto my My Disney Experience account and only purchased one magic maker, so even though we’ll be in different rooms, we only pay for it once.

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