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Gaston’s Tavern

One of my favorite areas of Magic Kingdom is Fantasyland, especially the Beauty and the Beast area. I could spend all of my money in Bonjour Village Gifts and one of my favorite restaurants is Be Our Guest because you get to see inside the Beast’s castle. I also love stopping by Gaston’s Tavern and it is a must do every trip!



You really feel like you are in Gaston’s Tavern straight out of the movie. The outside is amazing, as well as the inside. It is such a good place to relax for a snack!



The highlight here is LeFou’s Brew. This is described as frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit mango foam. It is very sweet so we always split one. But this hits the spot on a hot day in Magic Kingdom!



You can also get one of two souvenir cups. Below is the Gaston one!


Another highlight, at least for me, is the Cinnamon Roll! It is huge so also another to split.


They also have chocolate croissants (so good at Disney!), macarons, and cupcakes.


Also on the menu are a couple of sandwich options, which I have not tried. I have linked the menu here.


Overall this is a fun little place mainly known for the LeFou’s brew, which is why we go there. But in reality you could have a snack or even lunch here. This is a place we go to every trip for LeFou’s brew, and if we are hungry the cinnamon roll!


Have you tried LeFou’s brew or anything from Gaston’s Tavern?



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