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How to choose which Disney World Park to visit each day

When you book your Disney World trip you already decided when to go and which hotel to stay at. So next up you need to decide which day to visit which park. Of course you could wing it, but this is super important because then you can book dining reservations and fastpasses accordingly. If you are like me, my first trip I had no idea where to start with this!! So I just wanted to share how I pick my days just to give you some ideas on where to start on picking yours!



I first want to discuss arrival day. If you are flying overseas or will get there later in the evening I suggest just checking out your hotel and having dinner there. If we get there a little later in the day we always just head to Disney Springs for Dinner. Be careful to give yourself plenty of time if you are making yourself a dining reservation just in case of flight delays. This happened to us last time, but I made sure our reservation was for later in the evening so it didn’t affect it.


Our tradition since we fly there in the morning is to head to Epcot and buy the food and wine shirt, have lunch and try a few booths. I usually make us a frozen fastpass as well! We then head to Disney Springs for dinner at Raglan Road and some shopping at our favorites, Uniqlo and World of Disney! What are your first night traditions? Once we are having drinks at Raglan Road it really feels like vacation to us!



When I start structuring our next days I start by looking at Extra Magic hours. This probably isn’t the popular opinion, but I choose to avoid the parks with extra magic hours that day. I find them to be more crowded because most people have the intention of using them and decide to go to which park has extra magic hours that day. So I avoid parks especially with morning extra magic hours. However if you plan on utilizing these then by all means do it!


I then take a look at these crowd calendars, which I spoke of in my post on deciding when to go to Disney World. They can actually tell you which park will be the most and least crowded each day.


Another thing I always do is avoid Epcot on Saturday and Sundays, especially during Food and Wine because it will bring in a lot of locals.

FullSizeRender 27


If you are heading over to Universal for a day we always avoid weekends there as well. Also for Universal I make sure to look at park hours because when we go in the fall they close early some nights for Halloween Horror Nights. Its also a good idea to look at ticket prices and go for the cheaper days because that means less crowds!



Our weeklong trips are usually structured like this.

Arrival day: Epcot and Disney Springs

Day 1: Universal Orlando

Day 2: Epcot

Day 3: Hollywood Studios

Day 4: Animal Kingdom

Day 5: Magic Kingdom

Departure day



I know you are thinking Magic Kingdom the last day?? We have always done this and it works out for us. We love hitting Epcot first because it is our favorite. And the last day instead of being sad we get to be happy we are at Magic Kingdom. We also love ending our trip with Happily Ever After!



This is just a structure and where we make our fastpasses. We can still hit other parks the same day, but this is my guide on booking fastpasses and dining reservations!


So I hope this helps at least one person on how to plan your days on your next Disney World Trip! How do you go about planning your days?? I would love to know!



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