Disney World

Top Tips For First Timers

Today I wanted to share some tips that I wish I knew before my first trip or things I researched that I was glad to know! Even if it’s not your first time these tips are things to keep in mind!

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Wear Comfy Shoes

Everyone wants to look cute at Disney World. But trust me you will be walking a lot and it will be hot! So do yourself a favor and find some comfy shoes to wear! My only shoes I will wear to the parks are my Nike Tanjuns and I have done a whole post on why I love these! But find some that work for you and will still be cute! This goes for clothes too! I like to wear cute Disney tops that aren’t too tight!



Don’t Over Pack Your Park Bag

There are many posts and videos on what to take in your park bag, but I am telling you to keep it simple!! I have a done a post on this one too! If your bag is too heavy you will feel it by the end of the day! Disney has anything you will ever need whether it be a band aid or medicines so do not bring everything you think you may need in your bag!



Do not buy bottled water

Do not waste your money on buying bottled water in the parks! You can go to any Disney quick services restaurants and get a glass of ice water for free! Another option we do is bring a bottle from home and fill it with the water fountains throughout the park that way we always have a bottle of water on us.



Disney Transportation will take longer than you think

When you are staying on property and see that Disney has free transportation it sounds so awesome, and it is! But know that those buses aren’t as fast as you think and if you are trying to get to a dining reservation or to a park opening make sure to plan enough time and leave earlier than you think!   And after park closing know there will be a line for the buses back to your hotel!



Take advantage of fastpasses

I am a huge planner. Even if you aren’t, you must plan fastpasses! I have a whole post with information on this! It will save you so much time trust me!

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Reserve Dining reservations

Another thing you must plan is Dining reservations! These go fast so do not expect to be able to just walk into any table service restaurant you want when you are there. Research which restaurants look good to you and book a reservation. Another tip is to research which ones are popular, but make sure to look at the menu and make sure you will enjoy the food there too.



Besides those two, don’t plan too much

Be flexible and don’t plan every second of you trip! Slow down and take your time. You WILL NOT see everything. Nobody does any trip! I always see new things each trip! Research your must do’s before hand and book fastpasses and reservations for those, but otherwise just enjoy yourself!!  Some our favorite moments is just sitting down with a good drink and relaxing together!



Take time to relax

Disney World is huge. You are walking a lot in the Florida heat. It is tiring! Take this in mind when planning your trip. Our first trip we made the mistake of planning a lot of early mornings and late nights together and we were exhausted. A lot of people plan a break in the middle of the day. We prefer to sleep in and then stay out late. Find whatever works for you, but make sure you take time to rest! If you have a longer trip plan a day by the pool!

DG2-11 Disney's All-Star Sports-Home Run April 1995  MRA


I would love to hear your top tips for Disney World!



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